Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How it all started...

It all began a couple years ago when I watched a Scrubs episode. J.D was turning 30 the following day and pulls out his list of things he wanted to do before age 30. Since it was too late for his #1 goal to invent a cereal he was left with #2, complete a triathlon. Fortunately for J.D. there was a triathlon the next day and the whole episode was him finishing a triathlon. From what I remember I even got a little emotional at the end because a normal triathlon takes a few hours and the minute before he turned 30, he completed his goal.
I could count on my hand the # of things I have wanted to do that I actually completed. One of them was to serve a mission for the church. That dream started at a young age and finished at age 23. Of course I had the norm goals of getting married and starting a family. (My mom wishes that would happen sooner) And now thanks to Scrubs, my newest one was being in a triathlon. A goal I put in the back of my mind, only to collect dust…
Until 2 months before my 25th birthday. I remember thinking “Someone stop pushing the fast forward button!” I was going to be a quarter century old soon! At the rate my life was going age 30 was walking onto to my porch, ready to knock down my door. I remember an old goal of mine and decided to go for it. I signed myself (and Sean without his consent) up for the SGTRI which stands for St. George Triathlon, on May 15, 2010. I signed up for the Sprint Distance which is .75k swim/ 20k bike/ 5k run.
I knew nothing about it but I was going to do it. I could swim and bike, but running was my biggest mountain to climb. I don’t like to run but I do like my body better after I run so that became my biggest motivator.
I started training January 1st when I returned home from my Christmas trip. I have always been active so I knew I was going to enjoy getting into shape. But training has certainly not been easy. The problem was I couldn’t bring myself to part from my Zumba class. All that dancing and fun atmosphere is SO addicting. I kept telling myself I will run later because Zumba will help me transition to getting in shape. I made a goal to be able to run a mile by Valentine’s day. I had 4 months. May 15 was not going to be a problem.
It’s now March 23 and I can run a mile. I can bike and I can swim. The key word is can. I didn’t say can do it well, I am a ridiculous runner because my feet are always hurting. Biking hurts my inner legs and swimming is depressing because I used to be fast. Thankfully I still have two months left yet I wonder how much I am going to improve.

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  1. Oh Wells Bells, I am so proud of you! Hang in there, you will keep improving and be able to look back and feel so proud of yourself. You have always been a terrifically hard worker. I hope you post often, I enjoyed your writing style in this post so much! Love love you!