Saturday, December 3, 2011


Someday I am going to get good at this blogging thing. As for now, it’s one day at a time.

I am about 35 weeks pregnant and I have not a single thing to complain about. Sure, I have had my moments but compared to a lot of other women I have had it very easy. If they are all like this one, then the Duggar family might have some competition. (What is it now? Like 21 kids and counting) Anyways, a couple pounds gained, (well a little more than a couple but who’s counting) and some annoying acne but really I have been a blessed pregnant woman.

I honestly believe that because of the hell Sean and I went through trying to get pregnant, the Lord is making it possible for me to bear the burdens of pregnancy unbelievably well. My heart goes out to many other women struggling with infertility. It is a long journey of heartache, loneliness, and depression that I wish upon no one. After 1 year of trying to get pregnant, the doctors start using the “I” word. Then, it becomes a life of tests, pills, and examinations if it has not started already. Sex becomes less intimate and more of a chore. Feelings of worthlessness and loneliness creep in and tears become a close friend, yet an enemy at the same time. I know because it took a long time for us to get pregnant.

I have such a deep testimony that God is watching over every one of His children and even in our darkest hours when we think all is lost, He is there opening His arms. I never understood why Sean and I had to go through almost 2 years of heartache but I know that God has a plan. We are counting the days for our little miracle to come into our lives. Here is to the last 5 weeks of a wonderful journey!