Friday, January 28, 2011

Cal Western

Sean started applying to law schools in the beginning of Jan after he got his LSAT score. We didn't expect to hear back from schools for about 6-8 weeks. He applied to 20 schools, I believe. A lot I know, but we got fee waivers so we didn't have to pay the application fees. Sean only wanted to apply to Cal Western, USD, and USC but I told him to apply to more. He apparently misunderstood me because I only meant a few more. Sean sometimes goes a little overboard. Now the waiting game begins... again.
As we waited I grew worried because I knew if we heard bad news for the first couple of schools Sean would start to get discouraged. Thankfully we immediately heard good news! He got an email the following week from an excellent law school in Washington D.C saying he is on the wait list. He expected to be denied by this particular school so being wait listed was a great sign of what was to come. Then 2 days later we got an email from California Western School of Law in downtown San Diego saying he got accepted! It is our # 2 school behind USD. Someone going to school there said, "law school is hell so if your going through hell it might as well be in paradise." Plus the fact that our family is there is a bonus! On top of that Cal Western said in a letter they sent us that they even submitted his credentials to the scholarship committee so in a few weeks we should know if we get a scholarship! So happy! Now the waiting game doesn't seem so bad... Congratulations Sean!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some great things of 2010

July 2010
I was looking online at cute doggies and I fell in love with the boxadors. (boxer/lab mix) I wanted something to cuddle with and be so cute! We went to Petco and there was a lady who runs an adopt-a-pet center. We fell in love with the cute black puppy with the white patch on the her chest. And so we bought her. We named her Juliet because Sean was taking a Shakespeare class the semester before. The week after we got her, we had to drive unexpectedly to San Diego because Sean's mom had a heart attack. She learned right away the joy of being in the car!
We love her!
DEC 2010
Sean Graduated! He also completed the LSAT on Dec 11. He put a good 8 months of studying for it and it paid off. We are now applying to schools and waiting to hear where we will spending our next 3 years. I am so proud of him!

Nearly a year later.. Pictures of my triathlon I completed on May 15, 2010 in St. George.

Right before I started my race.. I was smiling but instead I was shaking!

I was kicking so hard because I thought I was in last place. I seriously thought I was swimming so slow. Turns out I was fifth in the swimming part. (BTW its not that bad)

The transition is one the hardest parts. Some people have it down to a tee. Me.. I was still struggling with the wet suit clear until I made it up to by bike. (I guess there was a huge dead fish next to me. My mom was freaked that I would touch it.)
On my way to transition to running...

At the finish line. Yeah I cried. My mom cried and I swear Sean cried. It was such an emotional thing to complete something I worked so hard for. I would definitely recommend doing one in your lifetime.

Sean congratulating me after my race.

Probably the coolest thing about my triathlon is my parents drove 6 hours up to St. George to surprise and be my cheerleader. It meant so much to me!