Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How it all started...

It all began a couple years ago when I watched a Scrubs episode. J.D was turning 30 the following day and pulls out his list of things he wanted to do before age 30. Since it was too late for his #1 goal to invent a cereal he was left with #2, complete a triathlon. Fortunately for J.D. there was a triathlon the next day and the whole episode was him finishing a triathlon. From what I remember I even got a little emotional at the end because a normal triathlon takes a few hours and the minute before he turned 30, he completed his goal.
I could count on my hand the # of things I have wanted to do that I actually completed. One of them was to serve a mission for the church. That dream started at a young age and finished at age 23. Of course I had the norm goals of getting married and starting a family. (My mom wishes that would happen sooner) And now thanks to Scrubs, my newest one was being in a triathlon. A goal I put in the back of my mind, only to collect dust…
Until 2 months before my 25th birthday. I remember thinking “Someone stop pushing the fast forward button!” I was going to be a quarter century old soon! At the rate my life was going age 30 was walking onto to my porch, ready to knock down my door. I remember an old goal of mine and decided to go for it. I signed myself (and Sean without his consent) up for the SGTRI which stands for St. George Triathlon, on May 15, 2010. I signed up for the Sprint Distance which is .75k swim/ 20k bike/ 5k run.
I knew nothing about it but I was going to do it. I could swim and bike, but running was my biggest mountain to climb. I don’t like to run but I do like my body better after I run so that became my biggest motivator.
I started training January 1st when I returned home from my Christmas trip. I have always been active so I knew I was going to enjoy getting into shape. But training has certainly not been easy. The problem was I couldn’t bring myself to part from my Zumba class. All that dancing and fun atmosphere is SO addicting. I kept telling myself I will run later because Zumba will help me transition to getting in shape. I made a goal to be able to run a mile by Valentine’s day. I had 4 months. May 15 was not going to be a problem.
It’s now March 23 and I can run a mile. I can bike and I can swim. The key word is can. I didn’t say can do it well, I am a ridiculous runner because my feet are always hurting. Biking hurts my inner legs and swimming is depressing because I used to be fast. Thankfully I still have two months left yet I wonder how much I am going to improve.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Murphy's Law

Murphy's law is known as "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" We are the Murphys that don't believe it and thus became known as the Lawbreakers. Clever huh? I thought so...

Sean and I were over at a friend's house last night and she was showing us her blog. Sean told me later he really thought it would be cool to start a blog and I was thinking the exact same thing. Sean will probably be better at upkeeping the blog because he enjoys writing and sharing his thoughts.

A little blurb about us Murphys. We were married in the San Diego Temple on 12.27.08. We are currently living in Provo, Utah both attending BYU. We are both majoring in History and Sean will be the first to graduate in August. I will hopefully follow in April 2011. Then wherever the Lords leads us, Sean will begin to pursue his dream of being a Lawyer. After that we will have lots of kids and hopefully lots of money.. Wishful thinking, I know..